What is the patient acceptancy rate in your dental practice or in your clinic? Have you ever thought of increasing patient acceptancy rate?

Now a days, patients have greater choice towards choosing the right dental clinic for their treatments. The day by day increase in the number of dental clinics is pushing dentists to work for low treatment charges. Moreover, patients started window shopping where they have the choice to find the best price for their treatment.

Increasing the patient’s acceptancy rate is the right way to improve your dental practice. The best gadget for it is The Intra oral camera.

Intra oral camera (IOC)


Yes! You heard it right. Speaking hours on a topic is inferior to showing the right picture for few seconds. The best gadget to improve your patient acceptancy rate in 2021 is the INTRA ORAL CAMERA.

Recent studies say that using intra oral cameras can increase the patient acceptancy rate by 35%. The oral cavity is the one region which is least visible to one’s own eyes. It is very difficult to examine our own oral cavity, right?

Intra oral cameras help in visualizing the complex regions in oral cavity. They further aid in helping the dentist to describe the oral status of the patient.

Looking at one’s own pictures, patients tend to respond quickly to their dental problems.

Why should I use an intraoral camera?

This simple gadget seems to play a pivotal role in your dental practice. The intra oral camera aids in enhancing visibility and helps in viewing complex anatomy within the confines of oral cavity.

Moreover, it helps in educating the patients about his/ her oral health status. In simple words, the patient can see all the information what a dentist can see.

Intra oral cameras also help in recording pictures and videos of the treatments done. They aid in documentation purpose during insurance claims or during reimbursements.

The same pictures can be sent to labs for reference purpose as a part of treatment.

Last but not the least, they serve as vital evidences in case of legal issues.

Here are few advantages of using IOC.

  • Patients are more comfortable asking questions and are able to understand the treatment process, options or about oral hygiene in a better way.
  • Early detection of oral problems like gingival diseases or Dental caries with powerful magnification of the camera.
  • A dentist can easily compare the changes in the patient’s oral health and hygiene or how a multi-phase treatment is progressing.
  • It builds up the trust and Good relation between Dentist and the patient.
  • It gives a real-world picture of patient’s Dental hygiene.
  • For Future Case Documentation.
  • Enhances Doctor’s Credibility.
  • Better for Insurance Claims.

Protocol for using an intraoral camera to improve patient acceptance rate.

So, how should I use the intra oral camera? This would be your first question?

Research says that dentists use intra oral camera in the initial days of purchase but fail to continue as days pass. This is one of the main reasons for a decline in patient’s acceptancy rate as days pass.

Every patient should have an equal opportunity to experience the technology. Hence always try to use intra oral camera in their first visit. This should be his best impression.

Follow these few protocols to improve the patient acceptance rate.

  1. Every new patient should be engaged with the intraoral camera on his first dental examination. All the dental problems should be imaged and explained properly. It helps in formulating the right treatment plan as the patient himself can sense the emergency of the treatment.
  2. During the first visit try to document the patient’s smile, upper and lower arches, and the region of interest.
  3. For oral lesions, document the pictures before treatment and after treatment.
  4. For crown and bridge preparations, take pictures at the time of diagnosis and prior to preparation. Try to record any fractures pr the position of the crown and the amount of crown structure left, for documentation purpose.
  5. The same images can be sent to the lab, which helps the technician to assess the shade of teeth and the position of the gingiva.
  6. The intraoral images are an effective way of communicating with specialists when you want to send or receive referrals.
  7. If possible, share the images with the patients before treatment, so that they can ask questions regarding their treatments.
  8. Store the images securely, (better to have a second copy on your hard disk) as they are vital evidence in legal issues.

What are the ideal requirements of a Intra oral camera?

There are plenty of options available for buying an intra oral camera. But what are the ideal requirements. Read this before you buy.

  1. An ideal intra oral camera should be light weight and easy to carry. Placing the monitor right in front of the patient is a good practice.
  2. The quality of the images should be clear. Most of the IOCs available in market have inferior image qualities. Products with CMOS sensors work well in low light compared to CCD sensors. Hence try to test the product before you buy. As we image in an environment with low light, good quality images are much needed for patient acceptance.
  3. Video recording is of an additional benefit, if provided by the manufacturer. You can record every part of the pathology and voice description by recording the video and audio. This is one of the best legal evidence that can be documented.
  4. The product should be sturdy and robust as we try to maneuver the product during examination.

One such product which met our expectations is Walden -Ergo Intraoral camera with monitor. Coming to the product description.

About the product:

  • Waldent Ergo is an ergonomically designed Intra Oral Camera with a Monitor that serves as an important tool for Patient Education and Treatment Planning. 
  • Spiral wire for attaching the camera and integrated handle for moving the monitor improves the overall handling experience. 
  • Applying the technology of high-definition lenses and cold light LED, 
    it carries the embedded operating system. 
  • It supports a built-out USB device, multi-view display, QR code transmission, etc. 
  • With an integrated design, and easy to assemble.

The monitor

The monitor comes with a 17-inch big HD display monitor, with an embedded operating system in it. No need of additional CPU or computer. Other features of the system are:

  • JPG image format and MP4 video playback.
  • High-speed image processing technology.
  • Ergonomic design with a simple and personalized handle attached with it improves the overall handling experience.
  • Length of the monitor -38.5cm
  • The breadth of the monitor -36.5cm

The camera

The camera comes with a 10 Mega pixel CMOS sensor which is good at low light condition. The autofocus option reduces strain to the dentist who is examining the patient.

Many Intra oral cameras which are available in the market lack autofocus option. The images captured are of HD resolution which is 1280 X 1024.

The camera comes with 6 high intensity LED lights which aid in illuminating all the dark area in the oral cavity.


Interestingly the IOC comes with a variety of ports for output. You can store images in the memory card, where easy transfer of the images form the card to your computer or hard disk is possible.

The monitor comes with a VGA port where it can be extended to a bigger screen (TV mode).


  • SD Card / External Drive Storage.
  • High-Speed Image Processing Technology.
  • Highly Integrated Design with Handle.
  • High-Definition Video and Photography Function.
  • Video Recording.
  • Multi-picture screen.
  • It can be connected to both mobile & computer.
  • High-Definition large screen.
  • Good Picture storage.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Four high-energy LED cold light design.
  • Reduce inspection time.
  • It can store lesion images for easy observation and continuous observation.
  • Bright colors.
  • High resolution.
  • Easy to observe.


Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 12 months as applicable for this product.

Key Specifications



NoPart NameQTY
1Monitor   1 Pcs  
2Camera    1 Pcs  
3Remote Control    1 Pcs
4DC Adapter (12V)     1 Pcs 
5DC cable              1 Pcs 
6Intraoral Camera Cable1 Pcs 
7Intraoral Camera Holder           1 Pcs 
8Intra Oral Camera Sleeves 1 Package
9Card Reader  1 PCs 
10Intraoral Camera Monitor Clamp1 Pcs
11.SD Card1 Pcs

The product is suppled by Waldent India Limited. For further details you can contact them through whatsapp.

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