Guest posting

Are you interested in writing some serious dental content for blogs? Then, you are in the right place.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a method where bloggers or interested authors write posts on other’s blogs to increase traffic to their source. The source can be your blog or your promotional product (like a dental chair or a new dental cement).

It may also include your views on present-day dentistry or many more related to the field of dentistry.

It has become a great method for building links and traffic to your products or thoughts, thus inculcating interest in the minds of the readers.

It is a win-win situation for both as you write an awesome article in our blog which in return can drive good traffic to your blog or product.

Since you are here, you would probably be checking for the same opportunity to be a guest writer. We are gland if you can share your esteemed content with us.

What should I write?

You are welcome to write anything thoughtful, meaningful, and useful for the development of our dental fraternity.


There are only a few requirements to be considered before you opt for guest posting.

  • We hate plagiarism. Kindly do not submit articles with plagiarism. The article should feed fresh thoughts into the reader’s mind. Do not send us COPIED CONTENT.
  • The article should be your own work. Only such articles will be accepted.
  • Your article will be reviewed and may be edited [IF REQUIRED ONLY] before publishing.
  • Pictures used in the article must be mailed as SEPARATE ATTACHMENTS. Pictures used in the article should be available in the public domain and should not be copyrighted. We encourage you to use YOUR OWN PICTURES, not downloaded ones.
  • You should accept that DENTAL ORB will place advertisements in your GUEST POST. BUT NO REVENUE WILL BE SHARED WITH YOU. As the revenue is mainly used for the proper running of this blog.
  • We encourage you to have a LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE [IN ANY FORM] and some affiliate links in your GUEST POST. We do not restrict you from posting your affiliate links or sales links in your post.

This is how it works.

Before sending the mail, you can contact us through this contact form in case of any questions.

here are the final things that you should mail:

The blog post, with all the links, should be added to the mail body. Do not add as a separate attachment. Instead, just copy your article from the word and paste it directly in the body of your mail.

If you could not understand what I am saying, then you can post me your article as a separate attachment, but I would rather prefer a direct mail, than an attachment.

If you want to add any HTML code, kindly make a separate notepad page to paste your code and send it as a separate attachment. Do not combine the HTML code with the information in your article.

The author’s information: “About the author” with a photo to publish in your article.

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